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Concrete Sealing And Polishing

Eliminate those dull, drab concrete floors and turn them into durable attractive, highly polished floors that require little maintenance. Polished concrete floors are perfect for warehouse, retail or office facilities and provide a great low-cost alternative to stone or coated concrete.

Concrete Sealing is a very economical choice! Concrete Finishers will clean your current floor and provide an acrylic sealer to reduce staining and provide dust control as well as enhance the light levels in your space. Protection against dirts, oils, greases and stains providing easier surface maintenance. Using a concrete sealer will enhance the natural tones of your concrete with a “wet” look.

We offer a wide array of professional concrete services including shot blasting, surface preparation, glue and paint removal, grinding, concrete hardening, diamond polishing, coloring, acid staining and moisture control. For alternative concrete finishes we install traffic coating, colored epoxies, micro-topping and polyurethanes.

Consult with us on your next polished concrete project to have a great looking, long-lasting floor that you’ll maintain with minimal care!

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