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Polished Concrete

Eliminate those dull, drab concrete floors and turn them into durable attractive, highly polished floors that require little maintenance. Polished concrete floors are perfect for warehouse, retail or office facilities and provide a great low-cost alternative to stone or coated concrete.

Polished concrete has a longer lifespan than materials such as vinyl composite tile (VCT) or upgraded stone tile. Polished concrete only needs to be refinished every five to ten years. Polished concrete contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which makes it an environmentally friendly surface and has no hazardous waste.

To repair we will begin by filling in cracks and repairing damaged concrete. An advanced grinding technology and State-of-the-art chemical compounds will then be used to grind your floors to a smooth finish. We will polish them, using a special density system that will actually harden the surface of your floor. This will make it more durable and resistant to stains and wear. The final result is a high-gloss finish that requires only minimal maintenance and will give you years of beautiful, durable flooring.

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