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Garage Floor coatings

Concrete Finishers installs solid flooring systems that provide superior protection and are easy to clean. One color coating system preserves concrete from salt, erosion, oil grease and dirt.

Concrete Sealing and Polishing

Eliminate those dull, drab concrete floors and turn them into durable attractive, highly polished floors that require little maintenance. Polished concrete floors are perfect for warehouse, retail or office facilities

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a chic looking floor finish that also provides cost savings over any other flooring choice.This floor finish looks striking with all manners of interior design styles, from cottage cozy to minimalist contemporary.

Commercial Flooring

Commercial buildings and specialized environment are recommended to have protective floor solutions  This offers resurfacing coating and has an added decorative benefit.

Corporate & Business Flooring

There are several advantages to installing flooring for a corporate or business setting flooring. This presents a fantastic look for your business and it’s very easy to maintain its durability.

Warehouse & Industrial Flooring

Warehouses and loading docks are tough environments for flooring.The ideal epoxy floor system for your warehouse will exhibit a level, durable, seamless, easy-to-clean finish, and provide a permanent solution for your facilities’ flooring needs.  

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are perfect for warehouse, retail or office facilities and provide a great low-cost alternative to stone or coated concrete.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete Finishers Inc. can transform your bare-bone residential or commercial floor into a chic new area you can be proud of. Durable flooring solutions available is an array of colors, stains, textures and finishes.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics provide an effective means of getting people’s attention, be it customers or visitors. It provides an attraction for your business or residential homes. Using the same technology and material used on our long-lasting epoxy floors.

Microchip Flooring System

The  premier decorative coating system for your home or business. The process involved a seamless flooring system that combines long lasting protection with an attractive architectural finish


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